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Formula Productions is passionate about the lovely art of storytelling. 


Tell us your story - we're listening.


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Mission Statement:

Deliver wide audience excellence in television and feature film entertainment with story-driven characters.







“Peter Greenwald, President Formula Productions is devoted to active learning, and genuinley cares about the quality and value of his work. His creative gifts, smart attitude, industrious work ethic and gracious ability are profound assests for the entertainment industry. "

                         - Gary Goldstein, Producer   

                         Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies




                                   Peter Greenwald - President/CEO






Peter Greenwald is a Denver/LA-based writer/director/producer.


His first feature film, “Don’t Fall Asleep”, was picked up for distribution by Gravitas Ventures. The film was directed by Emmy-Nominated Brett Roske (“Chasing The Hill”).


In 2011, he interned at Valhalla Motion Pictures with well- known producer Gale Anne Hurd (AMC’s “The Walking Dead, Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss, The Hulk, Armageddon). He has also interned at Blumhouse Productions (Paranormal Activiity, Whiplash, The Purge - Anarchy)


Greenwald graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with degree in Communications. He spent his first year in the entertainment industry working directly with legendary screenwriter Chris Soth “Firestorm” starring Howie Long. In addition to a significant line of entertainment industry contacts throughout his years in the industry, Mr. Greenwald actively works with charities including WaterKeeper Alliance, The Humane Society of America and The MS Society.

Prior to his career in film, Peter served as Director of Sales and Marketing for Heartland Computers, a successful computer company he co-founded. Greenwald was also a former full time PSIA Certified ski instructor at Vail/Beaver Creek Colorado.


He resides in Denver, CO and Los Angeles and enjoys travel, scuba diving, surfing, skiing and ice hockey. 








                                      Tyler Norman - VP Development







Tyler Norman entered the Film and Television program at Orange Coast College, where he quickly impressed the students and faculty with his outside-the-box approach. His thesis film, the sci-fi Green Planet, featured self-made practical, CGI and miniature pyrotechnic effects, and was the only film in the class to be made on color negative film. 


After graduating the Film/TV program, Mr. Norman worked at a real estate investment firm making corporate videos, which he used the earnings from to finance the completion of his documentary film Keepers of the Flame, which he began while still in college. At the same time, Tyler began writing screenplays. In 2008, Norman was brought to the attention of Joey Travolta, who upon seeing "Keepers of the Flame" and a sample of his writing, was hired to write and direct a short film called "Spud". The film premiered to a star-studded audience at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2010. It has since gone on to win awards and accolades at various festivals.


Tyler enjoys pyrotechnics, hiking, travel and reading. 






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